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Enzo Santini was born in Siena,where he still lives.

Having commenced his artistic activity during the early years of high school, during which time he participated in a large number of competitions, exhibitions and events throughout Italy: Milan, Genoa, Certaldo, Naples, Livorno, Rome, Cosenza, Mantua, Florence, Sulmona, Massa Carrara, Poggibonsi, Manciano, Pisa, Cervia, Cecina, Perugia, Ferrara, Bari, Bologna, Salsomaggiore, Grosseto, Montalcino, Messina, Fermo, Suzzara.

An important part of his human and artistic training was his long sojourn in Bulgaria, where he alternated encounters with representatives of Bulgarian culture and intense periods of work as an apprentice learning graphic techniques, lithography in particular, under the direction of Maestro Liubomir Yordanov. Santini continues from this day his uninterrupted collaboration with Yordanov, working to make the ancient technique of lithography known to the public and to artists through Europe.

Another important milestone in the friendship between the two artists was the foundation of the Eurpean Cultural Cenrt "Art de L'Europe Romane" at the Chartreuse of Villeneuve Les Avignon, envisioned and directed by journalist Edmond Volponi. The Center received thr French, British and Spanish Ministers for Foreign Affairs during the course of their visit to region.

Despite his commitment to the field of graphics - the most intense phases of which were represented by participation in the Triennal of Graphic Arts in Milan, lithography seminars at the University of Messina, course for artists in Provence,France, and the most important Biennals of Graphic Arts throughout Europe - Santini has never interrupted his pictorial work. In his studio, where he has a lithography press built for him in Bulgaria, he alternates graphics work with experimentation in a wide range of painting techniques. Nor has he arrested his presence in international exhibitions and competitions: New York, Avignon, Madrid, Wetzlar, Kanagawa, Montecarlo, Giessen, Campesinas (Pontificia Catholic University,Brazil).

Santini has experimented with and produced many works using the ancient technique of encaustic,born in the tombs of Pharaons with which he has confronted the theme of the human and religious figure of Saint Catherine of Siena.

Enzo Santini focused on the creation of a cycle of works on wood which he was invited to exhibit in events organized by the Italian Institutes of Culture and the Italian Consulates General of Warsaw, Grenoble, Toronto, San Francisco and New York, as well as by the University of San Luis Obispo in California. The Cycle has also been exhibited in Avignon, Pienza ,Florence, Siena and Chiusdino.

In may, 2002 the Cycle was exibited at the European Parliament in Bruxelles.

At the competition "European Painting Encounters" held in the Papal Palace in Avignon, Santini obtained first prize and the gold keys of the city.

During a long sojourn in Bulgaria, he developed a unique engraving technique now protected by copyright which he exploited in the portraits of numerous historic and contemporary figures.

More recently he has completed a series of works focusing on Barack Obama which he will soon have the pleasure of presenting to the President of the United States.

Enzo Santini is currently involved in the completion of a series of portraits focusing on the great German philosopher, Goethe, with a similar initiative focusing on the story of Faust in the pipeline. This initiative is being completed in collaboration with The Goethe Institute in Rome and The Herzogin Anna Amalia Library in Weimar.

Enzo Santini will be presenting a personal exhibition of paintings in Havana in October 2009.

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